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Calypso Van het Goorhof

Calypso Van Het Goorhof:

Ronny Coenraerds started training Calypso in the winter when Calypso was 5 years old and they where immediately off for a swift start. Hardly two years later Calypso was ready to start the real work, GP. In January 2011 he started his first national GP in Herentals. A few months later in Vidauban Calypso made his international start and as top of the bill Ronny and Calypso could join the Belgian Team to CHIO Aachen.

CalypsoHow it all came to this, he explained to a newspaper reporter…also his first time ever: “I’ve worked 40 years to make this dream come true” Ronny smiled. “When I as a 9 year old on television saw a Spanish dressage rider with a beautiful black Andalusian horse, I immediately knew what I wanted to become when I grew up. It turned out to be a long way. My parents weren’t into horses at all so I turned to a neighbouring farmer, I could ride one of his broodmares of his workhorses for my first steps in the dressage world. Forty years later Calypso is the fourth horse that I train to Grand Prix level.”

In 2011 he started there at the age of 8, which is extremely young, it might even be that he was the youngest horse ever to have started the big tour in Aachen; He also had the shortest pre-selection ever; he had only entered 4 international tournaments before he was selected for Aachen.

Calypso was also in 2012 selected for CHIO Aachen.

Helena Van Het Goorhof

HelenaHelena is our 5 year old black pearl.
As a 4 year old she entered the competition for young dressage talented horses. Only two horses would be selected to be presented at the international show in Mechelen. Helena was one of them.
She kept very cool under the lights and with the audience, after all, it’s quite an experience for such a young horse.
For the rest we keep her well hidden so that she gets plenty of time to develop and train because we have high hopes for her …